Samii Ryan here! I am the lost princess. Model and Designer. Old enough for fun. Secret superhero, french fry fanatic and cupcake connoisseur.

This is an rp

ugghhhhh. I don’t know what i liked more. sleeping and these three days off or coming back to tour because I forgot what it’s like.

Track: Talk Dirty featuring 2 Chainz
Artist: Jason Derülo

I tried to eat Jesus

I tried to eat Jesus
lounging around hotel rooms and enjoying a real bed.
Reunited with my Wasabi Miso puppy



ok but give me one good reason why you wouldn’t date Kermit the frog besides that he is a puppet and a frog

I can’t beat Miss Piggy in a fight. She’s very strong and knows karate.

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Track: Rough Landing, Holly
Artist: Yellowcard
When did you turn into me

When you turned into me :P